• Individual behavioral programming
  • Independent Living Services (ILS)
  • Night Supervision
  • Onsite RN consultation
  • Transportation to and from work
  • Person served centered activities
  • Spanish speaking

Who We Serve

Artesian Homes is licensed to serve persons who suffer from serious and persistent mental illness and those who are dually diagnosed with developmental disabilities. Our licensure is under both Rule 203 and the consolidated Rule 245D enabling us to accept all types of waivers.

  • serious and persistent mental illness
  • developmental disabilities
  • MI/MR
  • Rule 245D

Description of Artesian Homes

  1. Physical structure provided for each resident
    • Building shall conform to all applicable laws and regulations on fire safety, housing, zoning, and sanitation as determined by appropriate city, county, or state codes.
    • Building will be safe and suitable for the purpose they are intended and shall be well maintained. Building shall be free of accumulated dirt, rubbish, or peeling paint.
    • Sufficient room shall be available to accommodate occupants in safety and comfort.
    • All rooms shall be clean, well lit, heated, and ventilated.
    • Stairways, inclines, ramps, and porches shall have hand railings and be well lit.
    • Night lights shall be maintained in hallways and bathrooms.
    • All outdoor and indoor passageways and stairways shall be kept free of obstructions.
    • Every home shall have sufficient space and furnishings for residents to assemble for social and other activities.
    • The living room & dining room shall not be used as a bedroom for any staff or resident.
    • There will be sufficient seating in the dining area for all residents.
    • Hallways, attics, stairways, or other rooms commonly used for other purposes shall not be used for sleeping rooms for any resident or staff.
    • Each home will have a telephone available to all residents. Local phone calls will be free and residents will be financially responsible for personal long distance phone calls.
  2. Furnishing provided for each resident
    • Adult size single bed or larger
    • Clean comfortable mattress in good repair
    • Clean bedding and linens appropriate for the season
    • Individual dresser, closet space, and other storage for personal items
    • Mirror usable for grooming
    • Clean wash cloths, hand towels, and bath towels for individual use
    • All cooking and eating utensils
    • Laundry facilities
  3. Residents are encouraged to bring familiar items (as space will allow) that will make them feel at home. These items could include photos, bedding stuffed animals, electronics, etc.


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