Our Mission is to:

Serve the vulnerable adult by offering
Respect and
Validation that will
Enable them to reach their optimum level of well being.

Artesian Well

What's in a name?
Why "Artesian Homes"?

As we were growing up we had an artesian well on our ranch in North Dakota. The well produced cold, clear, tasty, water. We often played in this flowing water on hot summer days. When we were choosing a name for our business we wanted to express in a word picture the service we will provide to vulnerable adults. With that in mind we combined the idea of "flowing water" with the words of Isaiah 49:10 that says: "They will neither hunger nor thirst, nor will the desert heat or the sun beat upon them. He who has compassion on them will guide them and lead them beside springs of water." As you become more familiar with your duties here at Artesian Homes you will see that we all play a vital role in enriching lives. We look forward to getting to know you better and working as a team to provide a place of refreshing comfort and growth to everyone we serve.


Ellen McGregor, RN COO

Ellen has been working as a Psychiatric Nurse for more than 20 years serving persons who live with serious and persistent mental illness, developmental delays and traumatic brain injury as well as medical conditions that often accompany those diagnoses. Ellen is trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention and is a trainer for CPR. She has written curriculum and trained care givers to meet the needs of people who live with chronic illness in the United States and Latin America. She enjoys reading mysteries, books about business and human development. She also enjoys missionary work and traveling.

Patricia Danielowski, CFO

Trish is trained in Crisis Management and has experience in working in Adult Foster Care. She offers 20 plus years experience in Business Management and Accounting. She is proficient in implementing statutes and rules that govern business, and in her capable hands many young businesses have grown to success. Her experience in management, staff growth and development, and communication skills ensure the well being of the people we serve.

  • It is my desire to help Vulnerable Adults reach their greatest potential by providing a well maintained, comfortable environment that promotes dignity and respect.

    Ellen McGregor RN & COO
  • I am pleased to provide quality services and a comfortable home for Vulnerable Adults by helping them be productive and live life to the fullest.

    Trish Danielowski CFO
  • It is my joy and honor to assist others to live quality lives. My hope is to bring others up and help them to help themselves. Second in order to give back and to have purpose I need to be of service. When I am doing these things I feel good, and can use lessons I have learned to help others. I am also a driven individual who thinks outside the box. If I can use these characteristics in myself to improve our wonderful program in order to help more people that is a beautiful thing. Thank you all for what you do and for an opportunity to be a part of.

    Mindy Pierce AH Employee
  • I find joy in bringing people (both staff and persons served) to their optimum level of well-being, both mentally and spiritually. I enjoy bringing joy to other people’s day, and making people feel good, no matter the what the situation is, while keeping everyone around me in a safe environment, and completing the paperwork needed to follow both company and state standards.

    David Brandt AH Employee
  • I love the smiles on the persons served faces each day when I arrive. The hugs when I leave. More than anything it is how I feel when I go home and I feel that I did something good for someone else. I love the feedback I get from the teams of our person served. I love the staff who I am teaching to do the job so they can get the same feeling I do, that we make a difference in so many lives, if we put our best foot forward. I love that we are Christian based and I am not afraid to express my love for the Lord. The ability to pray with our person served. And last but not least is the fact that we are a family and we work as a team through thick and thin.

    Pat Wilson AH Employee

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